Greetings …!

Good afternoon,

Well it’s Tuesday the 28th January and things are moving along nicely. The good old Twitter account @charityoars is picking up new followers on a daily basis, please if you can, continue to tell your Twitter friends about our campaign. I know it’s still early days but I genuinely feel we have started to make a little bit of noise

At the weekend I wrote to Shay Given, Freddie Flintoff and James Nesbitt. No reply (as yet) but as always I remain optimistic. We had a couple of emails about this years BNY Boat Race, and I’ve made contact with the organisations who are keen to help us. As soon as I hear back you will be the first to read the news (well, technically second as I would have read it first..!)

many thanks for your continuing support, if you have any questions or if you feel you could help in any way please tweet us @charityoars or drop us an email at

Many many thanks


This is me …


I have had a few emails and Tweets asking “who is behind the @charityoars Twitter account?” well I thought I would pop my head from behind the keyboard and say hello … I’m Paul, a slightly injured and at times daft cricketer (I no longer play, in fact there are some that might say “did you ever?”) I tended to field on the boundary, come in, bowl an over and then wander off to the boundary again…! I loved my days playing cricket and I do miss the competitiveness of playing, that’s why I took up playing tennis again in 2009 (some 26 years since I had played), of course in my mind I was still a 16 year old county player, yet the old dodgy legs and rather fragile ankles told me otherwise. It was whilst playing tennis in 2011 that I injured my knee, this lead to a DVT (not that it was diagnosed and not that I knew what it was either), things spiralled out of control and on the 12th April 2011 I collapsed at home having suffered a massive pulmonary embolism. I survived…! In part thanks to the paramedics, the ICU and of course my lovely (soon to be) Mrs Westers.

So this is why I’m now raising awareness of DVT’s and PE’s. I was only a minor sportsman, there are world renowned sportsmen and women, actors, politicians out there who have suffered a DVT or PE. Serena Williams, Brian Vickers, Shay Given, Andrew Flintoff, James Nesbitt, Dick Cheney to name a few.

Please show your support, follow us on twitter (@charityoars) or follow our blog, or drop us an email

Many thanks for all your support.


Good morning sports fans …

Good morning, well it’s Thursday the 23rd January 2014, the fundraising campaign for Lifeblood started on Sunday the 19th Januray 2014. We have over 80 followers on twitter now @charityoars we’ve had messages and offers of help from some amazing sportsmen and women, and we’re putting together a plan of how we’re going to make this catch the public’s attention. 

So on today’s list of things to accomplish for #charityoars we have …

Speak to sports journalists


Find a courier company who can help ship the oars around

Think of any additional fundraising revenue streams that we can add to the campaign

Have a coffee


Well, that seems enough to be going on with for now. Many thanks for all of your messages of support. Please remember to tell as many people as you can about the campaign. Please also remember that 100% of funds raised will go to Lifeblood 

Take care of yourselves today and have lots of fun…!


Brian Vickers, a dam fine chap …


The “interesting” thing about being a survivor of a massive PE is the people you meet along the way. A cheery new friend from the good old US of A was able to interview the NASCAR driving legend that (fortunately) “still is” Brian Vickers. Now, I do apologise Brian (and of course Sara) NASCAR is the one that you drive round and round and round and round, very, very, very, very very fast? I played cricket and I only ran very, very, very, very slowly…!

The reality is DVT”s and PE’s can and do happen to anyone. Brian Vickers has taken a huge step and is talking about it and for that we are very grateful.  So back to NASCAR……. No, a huge thank you to Sara for allowing me to use her fantastic interview with Brian, and for Brian to have taken the time to raise awareness of blood clots.

The original article can be found at Please have a read of the full article, it makes for some amazing reading.


Well what can I say …

As you may or may not know, I love my cricket, having played for a minor county and then played in a Bedford league for a few too many years (past my best, whatever that was..!) So for some this may not mean much, but to me it’s like a royal seal of approval. A good cricketing chum (who I have had the pleasure of playing against (we lost by the way, well they were very very good and an awful lot better than us..!) sorry, I digress …… As I was saying, Brian Lara has kindly offered his support to #charityoars and has kindly promoted our fundraising endeavours to his followers. 

That is all … I shall calm down now ….!!


Tuesday ….

Good afternoon to you, you and of course you…!

Well in between the day job I’m finding the interest in #charityoars shown by sports stars to be quite amazing. We still have a long way to go but we’re taking steps in the right direction which is always a good sign (who says you don’t learn things from experience..!).

We’ve had some excellent feedback from Twitter friends, and have been introduced to some great potential contacts. We’d really love to be at this years Boat Race and to have the #charityoars on show, and have them signed. We’ve made contact with a couple of possible organisations who might be able to help, but if you know of anyone who might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.

So today’s targets ….

Get to 100 followers on Twitter

Make contact with potential hosts at this years Boat Race

Develop a communications strategy

Do the day job

Try and be really quiet because Barney is finally asleep, and life is so much easier when he’s sleeping ….. (Barney is an old stroppy Labrador by the way)


Well I shall sign off for now, have a fun filled afternoon everyone.


What an amazing response…!

Well in between a coffee and getting back to my day job I thought I would pen a few words to let you know how things are going.

The twitter account @charityoars has over 60 followers (so far), yes we’re still a little bit away from the millions of Lady Gaga, but we’re getting there…! We’ve made connections with some amazing sportsmen and women (time for some name drops here) Amanda Lightfoot, Ben Rodford, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Zoe De Toledo, Dean Hedley and Matthew Pinsent. I’ve pestered Alec Stewart for a RT and he obliged (got to love a Surrey cricketer..!)

The hastag #charityoars is starting to be recognised which is nice, so if you’re on twitter please use the hastag if you can.

All we need to do now is come up with a cunning plan to get the Charity Oars out into circulation. Maybe you know an organiser at a sporting event, could you introduce us? Do you work for a company that would help sponsor the promotion of the fundraiser?

Well I shall sign off for now, if you have any ideas, any contacts or can help in anyway at all please drop us an email to

Many thanks


Very chuffed right now …..!

Well let me just say that the typo has been edited (well spotted sir..!) on our Twitter page @charityoars the rather talented and incredibly successful sportsman Matthew Pinsent (@matthewpinsent) has kindly offered to sign the oars. So thank you Matthew, I guess i now need to think about the logistics…!! Could be tricky putting them into a letter box….!!

Ideas are:

1: Find out when Matthew Pinsent is “passing by” on the A14, put the kettle on, get some digestive biscuits

2: Find a sponsor courier company who will take out and bring back the oars (good PR for them…!)

3: Find out when people will be at functions, sporting events and get them to sign away

4: Drive around with 2 oars sticking out of the sun roof…! (downsides to this are the costs, the rain coming through aforementioned sun roof and of course the delightful British weather..!)

Any ideas anyone?