What an amazing response…!

Well in between a coffee and getting back to my day job I thought I would pen a few words to let you know how things are going.

The twitter account @charityoars has over 60 followers (so far), yes we’re still a little bit away from the millions of Lady Gaga, but we’re getting there…! We’ve made connections with some amazing sportsmen and women (time for some name drops here) Amanda Lightfoot, Ben Rodford, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Zoe De Toledo, Dean Hedley and Matthew Pinsent. I’ve pestered Alec Stewart for a RT and he obliged (got to love a Surrey cricketer..!)

The hastag #charityoars is starting to be recognised which is nice, so if you’re on twitter please use the hastag if you can.

All we need to do now is come up with a cunning plan to get the Charity Oars out into circulation. Maybe you know an organiser at a sporting event, could you introduce us? Do you work for a company that would help sponsor the promotion of the fundraiser?

Well I shall sign off for now, if you have any ideas, any contacts or can help in anyway at all please drop us an email to charityoars@gmail.com

Many thanks



One thought on “What an amazing response…!

  1. The power of Twitter is amazing. I love the idea, it’s so novel and for such a great charity. Did you know Serena Williams had a DVT? Will keep following you on twitter, keep up the amazing work. Oliver Andrews

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