Tuesday ….

Good afternoon to you, you and of course you…!

Well in between the day job I’m finding the interest in #charityoars shown by sports stars to be quite amazing. We still have a long way to go but we’re taking steps in the right direction which is always a good sign (who says you don’t learn things from experience..!).

We’ve had some excellent feedback from Twitter friends, and have been introduced to some great potential contacts. We’d really love to be at this years Boat Race and to have the #charityoars on show, and have them signed. We’ve made contact with a couple of possible organisations who might be able to help, but if you know of anyone who might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.

So today’s targets ….

Get to 100 followers on Twitter

Make contact with potential hosts at this years Boat Race

Develop a communications strategy

Do the day job

Try and be really quiet because Barney is finally asleep, and life is so much easier when he’s sleeping ….. (Barney is an old stroppy Labrador by the way)


Well I shall sign off for now, have a fun filled afternoon everyone.



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