Brian Vickers, a dam fine chap …


The “interesting” thing about being a survivor of a massive PE is the people you meet along the way. A cheery new friend from the good old US of A was able to interview the NASCAR driving legend that (fortunately) “still is” Brian Vickers. Now, I do apologise Brian (and of course Sara) NASCAR is the one that you drive round and round and round and round, very, very, very, very very fast? I played cricket and I only ran very, very, very, very slowly…!

The reality is DVT”s and PE’s can and do happen to anyone. Brian Vickers has taken a huge step and is talking about it and for that we are very grateful.  So back to NASCAR……. No, a huge thank you to Sara for allowing me to use her fantastic interview with Brian, and for Brian to have taken the time to raise awareness of blood clots.

The original article can be found at Please have a read of the full article, it makes for some amazing reading.



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