Good morning sports fans …

Good morning, well it’s Thursday the 23rd January 2014, the fundraising campaign for Lifeblood started on Sunday the 19th Januray 2014. We have over 80 followers on twitter now @charityoars we’ve had messages and offers of help from some amazing sportsmen and women, and we’re putting together a plan of how we’re going to make this catch the public’s attention. 

So on today’s list of things to accomplish for #charityoars we have …

Speak to sports journalists


Find a courier company who can help ship the oars around

Think of any additional fundraising revenue streams that we can add to the campaign

Have a coffee


Well, that seems enough to be going on with for now. Many thanks for all of your messages of support. Please remember to tell as many people as you can about the campaign. Please also remember that 100% of funds raised will go to Lifeblood 

Take care of yourselves today and have lots of fun…!



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