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I have had a few emails and Tweets asking “who is behind the @charityoars Twitter account?” well I thought I would pop my head from behind the keyboard and say hello … I’m Paul, a slightly injured and at times daft cricketer (I no longer play, in fact there are some that might say “did you ever?”) I tended to field on the boundary, come in, bowl an over and then wander off to the boundary again…! I loved my days playing cricket and I do miss the competitiveness of playing, that’s why I took up playing tennis again in 2009 (some 26 years since I had played), of course in my mind I was still a 16 year old county player, yet the old dodgy legs and rather fragile ankles told me otherwise. It was whilst playing tennis in 2011 that I injured my knee, this lead to a DVT (not that it was diagnosed and not that I knew what it was either), things spiralled out of control and on the 12th April 2011 I collapsed at home having suffered a massive pulmonary embolism. I survived…! In part thanks to the paramedics, the ICU and of course my lovely (soon to be) Mrs Westers.

So this is why I’m now raising awareness of DVT’s and PE’s. I was only a minor sportsman, there are world renowned sportsmen and women, actors, politicians out there who have suffered a DVT or PE. Serena Williams, Brian Vickers, Shay Given, Andrew Flintoff, James Nesbitt, Dick Cheney to name a few.

Please show your support, follow us on twitter (@charityoars) or follow our blog, or drop us an email

Many thanks for all your support.



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