Greetings …!

Good afternoon,

Well it’s Tuesday the 28th January and things are moving along nicely. The good old Twitter account @charityoars is picking up new followers on a daily basis, please if you can, continue to tell your Twitter friends about our campaign. I know it’s still early days but I genuinely feel we have started to make a little bit of noise

At the weekend I wrote to Shay Given, Freddie Flintoff and James Nesbitt. No reply (as yet) but as always I remain optimistic. We had a couple of emails about this years BNY Boat Race, and I’ve made contact with the organisations who are keen to help us. As soon as I hear back you will be the first to read the news (well, technically second as I would have read it first..!)

many thanks for your continuing support, if you have any questions or if you feel you could help in any way please tweet us @charityoars or drop us an email at

Many many thanks



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