Very chuffed right now …..!

Well let me just say that the typo has been edited (well spotted sir..!) on our Twitter page @charityoars the rather talented and incredibly successful sportsman Matthew Pinsent (@matthewpinsent) has kindly offered to sign the oars. So thank you Matthew, I guess i now need to think about the logistics…!! Could be tricky putting them into a letter box….!!

Ideas are:

1: Find out when Matthew Pinsent is “passing by” on the A14, put the kettle on, get some digestive biscuits

2: Find a sponsor courier company who will take out and bring back the oars (good PR for them…!)

3: Find out when people will be at functions, sporting events and get them to sign away

4: Drive around with 2 oars sticking out of the sun roof…! (downsides to this are the costs, the rain coming through aforementioned sun roof and of course the delightful British weather..!)

Any ideas anyone?


Twitter @charityoars

Well Twitter is taking off nicely. Some amazing new followers. How much can we raise for Lifeblood? Who do you know who would sign the oars?

We’re up and running (or should that be rowing..!)

Good morning, it’s Sunday the 19th January 2014 and (well we like to believe) we’re about to make history…! 

The story ……..

We’re a pair of oars, hand built by a master carpenter and boat builder (it’s not the oars typing but I guess I didn’t need to tell you that). The idea is simple. We raise awareness of the amazing charity Lifeblood the thrombosis charity ( by getting famous sportsmen and women, theatrical stars, television stars, movie stars, local heroes to sign and be photographed with the oars. On the 12th April 2015 we will auction the oars off and every penny raised will go to Lifeblood.

So if you know Sir Steve Redgrave ask him to start the ball rolling….!

Why Lifeblood and why the 12th April? Well, on the 12th April 2011 I (as I have since read in my medical notes) “quite literally collapsed and died..!” As you’ve probably guessed, I got better. Well I had suffered a massive pulmonary embolisim caused by a knee injury whilst playing tennis. 2 weeks in ICU, and now (very nearly 3 years later) I’m doing OK. The charity Lifeblood offered me a great deal of support (Annya is an amazing lady, she loves her G&T’s, but is doing some amazing work with limited resources). This April, I was in training to run a half marathon for the charity, regrettably in August 2013 a silly person who was using his phone whilst driving, drove into myself and my wife. Lets just say the training was put on hold…! We’re up and moving again and having never been someone to stop, I’ve put together the idea for the oars to be used to help raise awareness and financial support for Lifeblood. I also feel it’s probably safer for me as at every juncture something has tried to finish me off…!

Anyway, that’s my plan. Your support and your ideas would be warmly welcomed.

Many thanks.