#charityoars meet @Tanni_GT

As we strolled through the streets of SW1P, nodding in appreciation as tourists stopped and smiled at a 6 foot chap with an 8 foot oar, (somewhere right now there will be a couple of Japanese tourists telling the story of how they were photographed with an oar and a chap who looks like George Clooney…! well the oar bit was true..!) we were about to meet the second sporting legend who had kindly offered to sign the #charityoars .

As we turned the corner onto George Street, it’s fair to say I might have made a few nervous comments to the lovely Ellisa (aka Mrs Westers), we were just about to meet 11 time Para Olympic Gold Medallist, 2 World Championships, MBE, DBE wonder woman that is Tanni Grey-Thompon.

So what do you say to such a sporting icon when you first meet them? Well I went with “Hello Tanni….!” It seemed to work, I wasn’t hauled off to the tower and so far there’s been no knocks at the front door from chaps in long trench coats..!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Tanni, we had a very informal and relaxed chat, her passion for her work in the House of Lords and the reforms she is championing is inspiring. We were able to discuss why #charityoars and more importantly why we’re supporting Lifeblood the Thrombosis Charity. It is amazing just how many loved ones, friends, sportsmen and women have either been directly affected by DVT’s or Pulmonary Embolism’s or know someone who has been. It is also scary just how little awareness there still is on the life threatening conditions.

It was a delight to meet Tanni and to have the opportunity to discuss the reasons behind the whole fundraising campaign, we were left chuckling when Tanni said “I’ve been asked to sign a lot of things, but never an oar…!” So with a fond farewell we said our goodbyes and headed back into Westminster with a #charityoars signed by a bloomin lovely person, we just had to get it to Boris now ……




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