@deanheadley585 (all round decent chap)

Well we’re off and running / rowing / batting (and no doubt many more ideas to follow) I had the pleasure of meeting England and Kent bowler (sadly now retired) Dean Headley last week. A true gentleman and sporting ambassador. We chatted about our cricketing careers, his took a lot longer than mine and involved players whose names we have all heard of, my stories involved people with names like “Smithy”, “Podge” and “Dixie”…! Any ho …..

Dean has very kindly started off the #charityoars campaign and I am extremely grateful for his time and generosity. It meant a great deal to me to meet one of the games ambassadors, I even got some free coaching, all too late for yours truly but it did help explain why I kept missing the ball..!

Dean Headley: 60 Test wickets, 11 ODI wickets, 466 FC wickets, Man of the Match in the 4th Ashes game in Melbourne (1998) with a Test winning 6 for 60, and now, the first sporting hero to sign the #charityoars.Image


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