@craigadoyle there’s Irish charm under that beard ..!

With his cheeky Irish voice and the charm of a chap from one of my favourite European cities it was a pleasure to meet Craig yesterday and to have him sign the Charity Oars. It means a great deal to the campaign and to raising awareness of DVT’s, PE’s and Thrombosis when people like Craig spend a few minutes chatting about why @charityoars #charityoars is taking place and what we hope to achieve. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to talk to people and to be able to raise awareness of the life threatening condition.

With over 500,000 dying each year (which is more than those who sadly pass away with breast cancer, prostate cancer, aids and highways accidents together) it is important that we raise awareness of Thrombosis, DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms.

So a huge thank you to Craig for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat about the charity oars campaign and to sign the #charityoars




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