Many thanks to @BTSport & @BTSportrugby

An absolutely cracking day yesterday in London. So much so, not even the wind, rain, hailstones, grey clouds and a cabbie who could talk for England could put a dampner on the day. So after picking one of the #charityoars up from Boris Johnson, I headed east to the BT Sports Studios. Again a man with an 8 foot oar on the District Line does get a few looks and a few questions. I quite like it as it gives me the chance to talk about #DVT’s #PE’s and #Thrombosis also I get to talk about the great work that Lifeblood do.

On arrival at Stratford I took one of London’s finest modes of transport “the talkative taxi”….! Was OK really as I enjoy a good chat as well, on the downside when we were stuck at some traffic lights I was keeping an eye on the meter and wondering just how near I would be able to get to the studios for my last £10…!

On arrival I was signed in and escorted by a BT Sports chap and a rather nice and bubbly lady, again, the oars were quite the talking point. During our brief journey in the lift, I asked what the BT Sport Chap did there, he explained. I then asked our other lift companion (the aforementioned nice and bubbly lady) to whit she replied “one or two things”. As we walked in to the main office people stood up and went “hello, it’s great to see you again…!!” and a few other such accolades of respect, part of me thought “that’s nice of them, even though I’ve never been here before..!” but I took the praise anyway.

Then off to the infamous green room I went, on the way my guide said “Hasn’t she done some amazing things for Sport Relief..!” I realised then the praise wasn’t for me, slightly crestfallen I asked “who is she?” Turns out the aforementioned “nice and bubbly lady” was the rather lovely Helen Skelton @HelenSkelton we’re now BFF…! lol I have of course since apologised, I have been reprimanded and educated by family on “how to recognise someone from the television who didn’t play cricket or rugby…!” On the plus side, Helen has also offered to sign the #charityoars so everyone is a winner.

The Green Room:

Sat at the table were Martin Bayfield, Austin Healey and Craig Doyle discussing the days rehearsal and show. The 3 of them took time to chat about the campaign and to listen to the reasons behind why I’m so passionate about making the whole campaign work. It was a pleasure to meet them and for them to take the time to sign the Charity Oars as well as the cards.

So with Charity Oar in hand I departed back to Kings Cross for the delight of a First Capital Connect journey home…!

Again, many thanks to everyone I met yesterday and for all those that have commented and supported us so far on Twitter.


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