Boris Johnson @mayoroflondon signs the #charityoars

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a trip back into the fair city of London. It’s fair to say that First Capital Connect tried everything to make the day as difficult as possible, but I’m a stubborn so and so and I had work to do…..!!

After a 2 and a half hour train journey, I jumped off the train at Kings Cross. I say jumped, a bit of an over exaggeration if I’m being honest, was more of a stretch, make an old man’s noise and then try and get the old legs moving again (whilst maintaining poise and an air of sophistication). No easy task I tell you…. Sorry, I digress ….

A gentle stroll from London Bridge down the Embankment and then into City Hall and out of the rain. After going through the scanners I introduced myself to the receptionist again. The worrying thing was she said “you’re the man that brought that big oar with you”. Now, I’m going with the fact that I have a lovely face and a great personality, of course on the flip side I might just have been “that crazy  chap who walked round London with an 8 foot pole…!”

Anne (from the Mayors office) popped down (she was easy to spot as she had an 8 foot oar with her). So the Mayor of London, the rather jolly and far too clever Boris Johnson had kindly signed the Charity Oars. So a big thank you to Boris for his support Image



Not the easiest of times …

Well my cheery chums, I wanted to scribe a few words which I hope will raise an understanding as to why the whole Charity Oars campaign is so important to me. Was 3 years ago yesterday I originally injured my knee, 3 years ago today I was mis-diagnosed. Now I like to think I don’t blame the doctor concerned, that would be a little bit of an untruth…! The reality is, if he had of done his job correctly on this day in 2011, none of what has happened since that day would have taken place. Yep, I might still have some “issues”…!

As I sit here in the old village sweet shop though, I do ponder a lot (maybe I should do more work and less pondering maybe?) If what eventually happens to me on the 12th April 2011 hadn’t of happened, I wouldn’t have been able to diagnose the DVT the lovely E had after our RTC, I wouldn’t have been able to mentor and support new sufferers of DVT’s and PE’s, the Charity Oars wouldn’t be in existence and by raising awareness of the life threatening and rather silent killer who know who might be made aware of a DVT or PE.

So, please tell as many people as you can about our little adventure, you never know whose life you might save.


Look who else will be signing the #charityoars

Good morning my virtual chums…!

We’ve had yet more offers from sportsmen, women, television stars, government ministers offering to sign the #charityoars It’s still early days and we have a long way to go, but we’re still getting noticed (which can’t be a bad thing..!)

So we have Martin Bayfield, ex England, Northampton and “Bedford Blues” player, and ex town centre policeman from Bedford. Martin has kindly agreed to sign the Charity Oars. 

Then there’s the amazing Mel Nicholls @Dolly2racer Paralympian, 1500m world record holder (T34) and all round great chappess..!

Added to the list of sporting heroes we then have the wonderful Jade Jones @jadejones11 Paralympian in the 400m, 800m and 1500m 

Then we have Amran Hussain @AmranHussain he’s one of those political chaps (they’re not all bad you know..!) 

We still have a lot of work to do, and I will continue to push ahead. Of course if there’s anyone you can introduce the #charityoars to we’d love to hear from you.