Many thanks @bedfordbluesRFC

With their last home game tomorrow there was a rather cheery feel about the team. It’s been a long season and some well earned rests are called for, the Blues also say farewell to 2 great ambassadors of the game, Brendan Burke and Sacha Harding. So off I went, #charityoars in hand to Goldington Road to get a few of my rugby chums to sign the oars.

It was great to have time to chat with the players, to explain why there’s a chap with an oar at the rugby ground and to talk about Lifeblood and the work the charity is doing to raise awareness of DVT’s. Pulmonary Embolisms and Thrombosis. 

The awareness of DVTs for players in the modern game is imperative, as it’s not only through injury that a thrombosis can be caused but if you take into consideration the international travel that so many players have to make these days, awareness is key.

Club Captain, and Canadian International (and all round good chap) James Pritchard spoke about the demands of the game as well as the international travel, and highlighted the understanding of DVTs that is coming to the fore at club and international level. The mention of compression stockings was raised, rather bashfully I showed him my wonderful beige “Nora Batty” NHS specials…!

So from a supporter of the game and a Bedford Blues fan, many thanks to Mike Rayer and the team for the enjoyment you have given over the years, and thanks to the miracle of modern medicine I’m able to look forward to the next few seasons as well.



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