Look who’s Signing the #charityoars @clarebalding

Yesterday was a tiring day for yours truly, and it’s fair to say that the pain killers have been close by today and I might have had a nap on the sofa earlier and awoke with a labrador using my leg as a pillow and to make matters worse my cup of tea was cold and we’d run out of milk …! Life is hard at times …

Any ho ….

To brighten the day we had a message from Clare Balding via our twitter account @charityoars and she has very kindly signed one of the #charityoars to help our campaign. It’s nice to know that people are getting behind the campaign, yes it’s still in its infancy, but with only 340 days to go until the “PE Day +4 Auction” (just come up with that) isn’t it great to have such support..!

So, from me a big thank you, from Lifeblood an even bigger thank you and from the potential people we raise awareness of #Thrombosis #DVTs #PulmonaryEmbolisms for, a massive thank you ….!

(now who else can we get to sign the #charityoars ?)



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