7 Triathlons in 7 Days …!!

Ian Jackson is about to start something that (for me, being of soundish mind) thinks is a mixture of amazing, mad, crazy, fantastic and just a tad “yikes”…!

Ian is planning to undertake 7 triathlons in 7 days. (that’s 7 days between the 10th of May and the 16th May, not 7 days between now and “some date in the future”) Ian is fund raising for 2 charities; Help for Heroes and Lifeblood.

Please take a look at Ian’s Just Giving page and read the reasons behind this amazing task he’s set himself. If you can help support Ian in his fundraising campaign that would be great, but please do let others know about what he’s trying to achieve.

Please click here and find out more.

In the meantime, best of luck Ian. I think it’s an amazing thing you’re undertaking and this from a chap who took an 8 foot oar onto the Piccadilly Line during rush hour…!



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