Many thanks to @clarebalding @jggmedia

So off I went travelling into the fair city of London, just me, a copy of the Metro and some music. Travelling on the District Line was a lot of fun, plenty of seats, cheery fellow travellers and the sun shining away. A short 5 minute stroll from Gunnersbury tube station and into the very swish offices of JGG Media. I had (prior to this visit) checked out some of their clients, nothing more embarrassing than being in a lift with a celeb, and not recognising them. Pretty sure our BFF Helen Skelton has forgiven us by now…!

So why was I back in the offices of JGG Media I hear you ask? Well the rather lovely and very generous Clare Balding has very kindly signed the #charityoars for us. So after a cheery chat with Mark off I went back to the District Line. Now, my journey down had been rather pleasant, I was now travelling back into the city with an 8 foot oar, what could possibly go wrong?

District Line to Hammersmith, no problems. As usual a few bizarre looks and quizzical gazes, surely everyone has travelled with an oar on the tube before, it can’t be such a unique sight? Then we found ourselves on the Piccadilly Line. My timing was not ideal, but it’s amazing the space you can get yourself if you have an oar with you. Quite why one lady felt that I had travelled with an oar so she could hold onto it instead of the fixed handles that are part of the carriage I have no idea, the look of sheer fright when I moved it away and she reached for it and it wasn’t there was priceless. On the plus side it made a chap laugh out loud…!

“So why have you got an oar with signatures on?” I was asked on more than one occasion, I do love to be asked, and actually the timing was rather good as a couple of days previously Lifeblood had released a statement raising concerns over commuters being affected by blood clots.

“So did you meet Clare Balding?” I was asked, to wit I replied “Sadly not in person”. The general consensus of opinion is that she’s a blooming lovely chap, and I to go along with that opinion.

So we now have another signature on the #charityoars who should we ask next?




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