Our thoughts are with Chris Tweedy

A new friend via the Lifeblood Charity Facebook page, recalls the sad reality of a lack of awareness and understanding of thrombosis by a far too large a percentage of the medical community. Charities like Lifeblood are working hard to raise awareness of the many causes of thrombosis and the many ways that such dreadful scenarios can be averted. The consequences of a DVT or Pulmonary Embolism are (to put it simply) a matter of life and death. 

The whole reason behind the Charity Oars campaign is to work with people in the public eye to help raise awareness of Thrombosis (DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms), this is why we need your support.

In a recent statement Chris Tweedy says;

“My wife, Nicky, died of a Pulmonary Embolism less than 48 hours after having varicose vein surgery at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. This hospital are not following the NICE Guidelines on DVT/PE prevention. They failed to complete a DVT Risk Assessment, failed to take account of her individual risk factors, switched her surgeon without her knowledge or consent, took nearly twice the time over her surgery as indicated by NICE as putting the patient at increased risk, sent her home late at night against my wishes, gave us no information on the signs and symptoms of DVT or PE and failed to give her pharmacological DVT prophylaxsis on a take home basis despite them being clearly indicated for someone with her risk factors, the length of her surgery and her very significantly reduced mobility. I am sure that there will be others out there who have unfortunately suffered the same. If there are please could you share your experiences with me. This hospital have had 2 deaths in a year from PE’s following varicose vein surgery. No lessons were learnt the first time around but I am determined they will learn the lessons from my wife’s death. Thank you.”

NICE Guidelines


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