Our thoughts are with @pamelastephenson & @Billy_Connolly

Our thoughts and best wishes are with actor and comedian Billy Connolly who suffered a life threatening blood clot after surgery, and also with Pamela Stephenson.

Comic Billy Connolly suffered a life-threatening blood clot that doctors failed to spot after he underwent surgery for prostate cancer, his wife has revealed. She told the Daily Mail: “I knew it was a clot but the doctors weren’t listening to me.”

Blood Clots (DVT’s, Pulmonary Embolisms) can show as other symptoms and their diagnosis can, at times be confused, however, it’s about time that the medical professionals, the NHS and the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt @jeremy_hunt took the life threatening condition seriously. 

Charity Oars is a small charity who are trying to make some noise about blood clots and the devastating effect they have on our lives. More people die of blood clots every year than those who sadly die of Breast Cancer, Aids and RTC’s combined.

So if you can, please follow @charityoars on twitter or our Facebook page at Charity Oars and lets work together to raise awareness of the life threatening condition.

To read more about Billy Connolly and the response to Pamela Stephenson’s anguish, the full article (reproduced with kind permission of Talk Talk) can be found here Full article 


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