See, it’s not all doom & gloom …!

Well, despite the fact that the Charity Oars truck has been stolen (along with my blue badge) I want to let you know that it’s not all doom and gloom out there …!

Having had a few messages from the rather charming Zoe Short (@ZoeShort) Charity Oars have been selected as @Excel_Data recipient of their CSR programme to have a web-site developed which will enable us to interact with even more organisations and help raise awareness of the campaign to a far wider audience.

The site will be launched within the next few months and we genuinely can’t wait…! So please keep a look out for updates and the launch date as I’m sure there’s going to be quite a lot of interesting features to the site.

Again, thank you for all of your comments and support, it means a great deal not only to me personally, but to those who have supported myself and the charity for the past 3 years.



Trials and Tribulations

Well before I update you all on how things are progressing, I’m afraid I have some sad news. On Tuesday night my only mode of transport was stolen from outside our property. I know people say “car theft is a victimless crime” and “well, you’re insured”, all I can say is that 50% of those statements are correct. The reality is, I’m now housebound, we probably won’t get back anywhere near the value of the truck that has been stolen, meetings for @charityoars are having to be rescheduled and it’s fair to say I’m just a tad peeved..!

Cambridgeshire Police have been “OK” about the theft, apparently it’s not a 999 phone call case, it’s a 101 phone call, wait for 20 minutes, get redirected 5 times, speak to someone miles away. That’s OK, just thought you’d like to maybe look on the A14 right now as it’s surely going to be on that dam road…!

So whilst I, my dodgy legs, my new trusty Blue badge, and the Charity Oars are housebound we shall remain optimistic, to whoever is driving the stolen Mitsubishi L200 “Strada” an automatic in silver (with my old Blue Badge in the cab), it uses a lot of diesel, the rear drivers side has a slow puncture and using my Blue Badge is illegal, so please be careful…!

To anyone who might see the truck, please let the police know. WU53 EEM


Reality really does suck sometimes…!

Have you ever wanted to just go to sleep, maybe with the option of never waking up? Today is one of those days (the going to sleep bit) as for the “not waking up” bit, the jury is out at the moment, I’m going for a straight 12 – 0 jury clears the guilty of all charges relating to not wanting to wake up again (I have a great defence team called coffee and stubborn attitude).

Now I know for some out there this stark statement might sound scary, you might not understand the thought process behind it. You may also look through the other posts on the blog and think “he’s not normally this depressing, usually quite upbeat if the truth be said..!” Both statements are 100% correct and accurate. What has this all got to do with the @charityoars though?

It has everything to do with the campaign that is Charity oars. Quite simply raising awareness of Pulmonary Embolisms, DVT’s, Thrombosis is vital. What sort of person would I be if I just sat here moping around not caring if other people had to experience things that I have experienced when there is absolutely no need for them to do so.

This morning I had my jolly old INR checked. I stroll into the anticoagulation ward, saying my hellos, sit in my chair and wait for Sue, Jane, Carol, Caroline or Caroline to smile and say “your turn Paul..!” We make pleasant conversation, natter about the newbies sat outside looking nervous, I stick my thumb out, they cause an immense amount of pain and up pops the claret. The machine goes beep and I await the wonderful news that the result is over 2.0. Great when that happens…! This morning though, the bloody machine went 1.7….!! 1 point bloody 7 I say….! At which point we all know the meaning of the news. I book next weeks appointment, stroll out, just get outside the clinic and then say “F&£K…..!!” The whole thing sucks, the whole thing shouldn’t be happening to me. I injured my knee playing tennis over 3 years ago, I now have to have weekly / fortnightly checks to make sure I will make it to the next week. All this because of a knee injury and the incompetence of a doctor at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

So @charityoars seems like a good idea to me. It’s a simple equation.  

(EMP) + (RMA) + (EP) + (RPA) = SL(S)

(Educate Medical Profession) + (Raise Medical Awareness) + (Educate Public) + (Raise Public Awareness) = Save Lives (simples)

So off I go to play tummy darts, I will probably have a sleep, I will be waking up as I’m not going to let this campaign of awareness fail, but I need your help.

So from a tad fed up chap, who over the next week will become a pin cushion for medical practices I bid you a good day. Until next time.