Steve Coogan, what a great chap ..!

As you know the Charity Oars have spent some time in our Capital recently, to help add to our ever growing signatures on the Charity Oars. One thing we’ve found so rewarding is the response from so many sportsmen/women, television and film stars we have spoken to. OK, so far we haven’t been able to arrange for David Beckham to sign the Charity Oars, we have asked Serena Williams agents, agents agent to help and we are presently waiting a reply..! But we were genuinely moved by the time that Steve Coogan took out of his schedule to sign one of the Charity Oars and also to sign the “I’m Supporting Charity Oars” cards. So from a tired and stroppy chap, who has to wear a very unflattering stocking to keep his leg under his right knee for as long as possible, I thank you. All signature cards as well as the Charity Oars will be auctioned off for Lifeblood with 100% of the money raised going to the charity.   Steve Coogan


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