@Fern_Britton from Red Tomatoes or Green Peppers to Charity Oars

Living out in the wilds of Cambridgeshire, it’s fair to say that our broadband is slightly “dubious” at times. Of course when John goes by in his tractor, or Mr Jones herds his sheep up the High Street we for some reason loose broadband and wifi…! (I really should try and find out why the sheep affect the broadband and wireless so much..!!)

Yesterday morning I could see that our Twitter account (@charityoars) had a few new messages, sadly we’re in the middle of the harvest season so tractors are a plenty. So as soon as we had broadband again I thought I would see who’d sent us the messages.

There in the message box was the name @Fern_Britton they’re always jolly to read and full of good cheer. Well this particular message set my day up rather well, (which for those that know what a grumpy chap I am prior to my caffeine intake will confirm)..!

There was Fern with a cheery smile, and grasped in both hands was one of the now rather infamous Charity Oars.

As we’ve watched Fern’s career develop from Tomatoes and Peppers, to working with the silver haired antipodean chap who goes by the name of Philip Schofield (or Gordon the Gophers’ straight guy as he’s also known, I believe) it’s been a pleasure for Fern now to have worked (albeit briefly) with a Charity Oar, not that I’d wish to put words into her mouth (libel lawyers are very tough these days..!) I’m pretty sure she would have said “I can’t wait to update Wikipedia with this great news of being photographed with a Charity Oar, and I’ve asked my lovely husband Phil Vickery if it’s OK to buy a rowing boat so the magic of being with one of the Charity Oars stays with me forever..!”

* Fern Britton did at no time say any of this, I’m putting it all down to artistic license..!

So from the Charity Oars, to the rather lovely and very generous Fern Britton we quite simply say “THANK YOU” for signing the Charity Oars…!

Fern Britton 2




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