@si610 from Ashes hero 2005 to Charity Oars legend 2014

As you may all know, I love my cricket. I have enjoyed decades of standing at 3rd man, trying to recover from the over I had just bowled, hoping that Smithy, Goady or Las took their time bowling their over. 

Yesterday at Dean Headleys Sport Bash 2014 we had the pleasure of meeting Simon Jones and his lovely wife (who incidentally has a great little business called Sexy Mac, ideal for ladies, not so much 6 foot ex dodgy bowlers like yours truly). Simon was part of the 2005 Ashes winning squad, with best Test figures of 6 for 53, having played in 18 Tests and 8 ODI.

It was a true pleasure to have a some time with him and to see all the young players coming up to him asking for his signature, sadly no one asked for mine, and I was carrying a blooming big oar around…!!

When it came to the game, you could still see the class he had and why he was such a potent attacking bowler. It was a pleasure to see him bowl again.

Simon now runs Ultimate Cricket a high performance cricket coaching academy, that work with schools and clubs.

So from a dodgy old long hop bowler (who in his mind can still bowl like he could when he was 20), to a professional sporting legend (who probably can still bowl as well as when he was 20, if not better..!) A huge “THANK YOU” for signing the Charity Oars (and bat..!)



Simon Jones


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