World Thrombosis Day @thrombosisday

Just a few quick words before I head off for a few days RnR (my first official vacance since PE Day…!) I did apparently go off to Cyprus, but in my defence I have no recollection of this at all…!)

So before I fly off for a very well earned holiday, accompanied by the very patient and Lovely E, I wanted to give a big Charity Oars mention to our friends at “World Thrombosis Day“. Their web-site is up and running and looks fantastic, please do have a look. The World Thrombosis day is being organised by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, and Lifeblood and Charity Oars are proud to be supporting the day.

Don’t forget that over 500,000 people die every year in Europe because of blood clots, 300,000 die in the US. Of which over 60% are hospital acquired.

Please put the 13th October 2014 into your diary now and make World Thrombosis Day one of the most important awareness days in your year.

Bye for now …!



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