Legs Out 4 Lifeblood @legsout4LB @vickimichelle1

Oh the fun of surviving a DVT or Pulmonary Embolism, the moment you wake up in the morning and greet the day with a cheery “hello…!” and there they are, just looking at you with their beige elastic gaze of the torment and torture of the day ahead. Yes folks, this is all about stockings. sadly not the ones that were made famous in the 1980’s sitcom “Allo Allo” staring the cheeky Gordon Kaye, who was left to observe the stockings of Vicki Michelle and Kirsten Cooke, this is all about beige compression stockings. More Hilda Ogden than Allo Allo I’m afraid…!

There isn’t much to say about them, well apart from the fact that they keep me alive, they also stop many of us having feet and ankles larger in size than John Barrowman’s ego (just a little bit more puffy and blotchy sadly). So we put them on, we pull them up, we then hide them away under trousers, and socks and we go about our daily business, knowing that blood will be compressed in the direction it is meant to go.

So what is fun about them?     Not much…!

Well, that’s not quite true. A good chum (from up there in Liverpool the home of “Alright…! Calm Down..! Calm Down..!” and “They do though don’t they though…!”) has started a fantastic campaign to raise awareness of Lifeblood (the thrombosis charity) and to raise valuable funds to help the charity continue it’s research and educational commitments.

So Legs Out for Lifeblood has started, if you’re on Twitter you really should pop over and give them a follow @legsot4LB there’s some lovely legs on show (mine are there, and boy did it take me a while to take a photo I liked..!)

Every penny raised goes straight to Lifeblood, and the campaign is a lot of fun and puts those beige stockings in their place…!

PJW x 




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