A big Charity Oars Thank you to @burnhamboat & @Rowperfect

It’s always a tricky thing asking for help, especially in today’s very competitive world. Companies are faced with ever increasing costs (manufacturing, distribution, labour, marketing, tax etc) and so many small organisations find it hard to survive. But when 2 organisations come together to help Charity Oars with their need for a safe and “scratch free” way of transporting the Charity Oars, it means a great deal, and I feel it’s something that we should shout about.

Burnham Boat Slings, a wonderful US manufacturer of top quality, custom made products including “Charity Oars Covers” lol, as well as boat covers, slings, and car top rack systems, have kindly offered to make and supply the Charity Oars a sling so that the oars can be safely and easily transported around to meet with the sportsmen/women, television and film stars that are supporting our campaign.

Rowperfect their UK based supplier have stepped in also to help transport the Charity Oars covers to the UK, they have also be instrumental in helping to arrange for the donation to be made.

Both Rowperfect and Burnham Boat Slings were started by individuals with a desire to create a better way of enjoying and competing in a sport that was their passion, with the ultimate goal of supporting those around them to achieve their own successes and fulfilment.

Charity Oars have a synergy with this attitude, like Burnham Boat Slings and Rowperfect who are developing and bringing to the attention of sportsmen/women great products and intuitive methods of training, we’re working hard to support those affected by Thrombosis (DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms), we’re also working hard to raise awareness of the life threatening condition. Now with the wonderful support of these 2 fine organisations, we’re able to transport the Charity Oars (safely) around the country, raising awareness and valuable funds for Lifeblood (the Thrombosis Charity)

So a huge thank you to Rowperfect and Burnham Boat Slings, we quite simply couldn’t have done it without you.


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