World Thrombosis Day 13 October – Care to save a life?

Good afternoon my cheery band of chums. On the 13th October it will be World Thrombosis Day, a day the whole world “should” be talking about the signs of Thrombosis, the treatment of Thrombosis, and how we can all work to help raise more awareness of thrombosis.

Our good friends at Lifeblood are working in partnership with World Thrombosis Day to help raise awareness of blood clots within the medical world as well as within the public domain.

Do you know what Thrombosis is? Have a look HERE and find out a lot more.

Did you know that 60% of all blood clots (DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms) are caused whilst being admitted to a hospital? It’s a staggering thing to have to say isn’t it. You are admitted to hospital and you then have a 60% chance of developing a blood clot. Would you know the signs? Did you know that there are NICE guidelines that hospitals should follow, sadly, many NHS Trusts don’t.

WTD 2014

Lifeblood are working hard within the medical profession to develop and implement guidelines and clinical methods so that the medical staff who care for you are aware of their responsibilities to diagnose any potential dangers and then to put into place the right medical care to ensure the patients safety.

On the 13th October 2014, why not join Lifeblood at St Thomas’s Hospital to learn more about their pioneering work, and to hear first hand accounts from patients.


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