Thank You @mayoroflondon

We all know that feeling when the postman drops a letter through the letter box, you look at it, it looks official, you don’t recognise the senders postcode or franked details. For that split second you run through all of the negatives like; “the ex mother in law surely hasn’t opened a coven in Cambridgeshire and she’s sending out flyers” or “haven’t seen any speed camera’s flashing at me, so can’t be a speeding ticket” or the now infamous “we paid for his television licence while he’s at university it can’t be that..!”

So I opened the letter, and low and behold it was a letter from Boris Johnson, and a blooming wonderful letter as well. We’d taken the long shot of seeing if Boris was free to attend the awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on the 13th October to help celebrate World Thrombosis Day (more about that later). Sadly he was unable to attend (probably a good thing as the beers very pricey at SW1A). That said, his support and best wishes were warmly received.

The letter from Boris encapsulates everything that the Charity Oars campaign is about and it’s also a testament to the manner in which we are working to raise awareness of VTE (DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms). Those that know me, know that I’m not a technical person, I don’t do (or am allowed to do) DIY, and I certainly couldn’t discuss the intricacies of the science behind Thrombosis (we leave that to the clever clogs like Beverley Hunt, Robert Buttery and other such consultants), all Charity Oars are trying to do is raise awareness of the condition and, in return hopefully raise some much needed funds for Lifeblood (the thrombosis charity).

So a big thank you to Boris for taking the time to write to us and to show his continuing support for the Charity Oars Campaign…!!

Letter from Boris Johnson


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