@BBCCin Pudsey loved the @charityoars

Yesterday the Charity Oars had the pleasure of popping in to the BBC Cambridgeshire studios to talk about World Thrombosis Day and the work of Lifeblood and the ISTH. Whilst waiting to head into the studios a rather jolly looking yellow bear kept his beady eye on the Charity Oars that had travelled to the studios. After a brief chat (he sounded a lot like Terry Wogan it has to be said) the bear, who goes by the name of “Pudsey” wanted to be photographed with the Charity Oar.

Never to be one that doesn’t do everything possible to make things happen (even for a yellow bear) we duly obliged. Afterwards Pudsey said; “I’d heard a lot about the Charity Oars through the BBC and my friend Terry, it’s great to have had the opportunity to meet the Charity Oars, and to have the opportunity to talk about the work I do for Children in Need, which is taking place this year on the 14th November.”

So, we headed into the studios and said our farewells to Pudsey, and we wish him and all the fundraisers every success with their 2014 campaign

Pudsey Bear 01


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