@charityoars meet @JflWalton @gorgnash & @WilliamSatch at the @BritChamps

With Olympic medals, World Championship medals and European medals between them, it’s fair to say they’re a rather formidable trio of Team GB Rowers, and now they’ve also just met and signed the Charity Oars, so that’s surely a good sign for Golds all round in Rio….!

It’s always interesting and entertaining chatting with elite athletes like Jonny, George and Will, to listen to their dedication and drive to improve their performance and to maintain the high levels of competition that they thrive on. So as I sat there really wanting another cup of coffee and a snooze (as I told them, I used to play cricket, so snoozing in the club house was always part of the game), I felt a tad guilty as they went through their flexing with an air of normality and ease, and it reminded me of everything my physio has been telling me over the past year “keep doing it Paul or you will pay the price…!” So as I type these few words of thanks to Jonny, George and Will for their time and for their support for the Charity Oars campaign, I will dig out the old spine roller and get back to my stretches, I might miss out the rolling on a cricket ball though, that just looked wrong…!!

So, a cheery salute of thanks to the trio for their time, their support and their kind words of encouragement. You’re now all officially chums of the Charity Oars and we will be supporting you to Gold in 2016…!

To read more about Jonny Walton, George Nash and Will Satch and their rowing accomplishments click on their names.

Jonny Wilson 01George Nash 01  Will Satch 02


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