The day the @charityoars met Billy Connolly

On arrival into Edinburgh (with much thanks to East Coast Trains) we headed to the Usher Hall, where Billy Connolly was performing that evening. On the journey up we’d had a couple of emails from Billy’s team in Edinburgh with directions and where to go at the Usher Hall. In a truly comical sceanrio, as I was wondering around looking for the stage door there was a celtic cry “Oy Englishman with the b****y big Charity Oar, you must be Paul..!..?” Apparently, they don’t have too many people walking around Edinburgh with an 8 foot wooden oar, you learn something new every day..!! The warm Edinburgh welcome had come from Peter Lynn the tours production manager. So it was all sorted and the Charity Oars were off to meet Billy Connolly.

Later that evening Billy was on fine form, we had the pleasure of enjoying his touring one-man show titled the “High Horse Tour 2014”, which, is sadly coming to an end in the UK, but we hear he’s about to tour Australia next, so if you’re in Australia, it’s well worth a ticket or two..!

We only got to spend a short time with Billy and of course thank him and his team for all of their help arranging for the Charity oars to be signed and also for the tickets to his sold out show. There may have been a couple of jokes that went over my English head, but his tale of the “scream” his sister made made she went in the house to get her handbag will stay with me for a long time…! Also, not forgetting his now “Indian” routes..!

IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2964 IMG_2967


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