@bbccambs @jeremeysallis BBC Radio Interview for World Thrombosis Day

Well my dulcet tones hit the airwaves again yesterday when the Charity Oars popped into the BBC Cambridgeshire studios to be interviewed by Jeremy Sallis. It’s always an interesting experience being interviewed live and one that I rather bizarrely like. Now for those of you who have followed these news stories and those of you that know me, know that ordinarily being the centre of attention is something I rather like, however, since 2011 I have tended to keep myself out of the limelight more. Of course, since our jolly run-in with the chap and his Mercedes is 2013 apart from keeping myself even more in the background, I have (so I’ve recently found out) got a “problem” with my cognitive memory skills (it’s amazing the damage having a Mercedes running over your head does to your brain), well suffice to say my memory isn’t what it used to be, neither are my linguistic and communicative skills, so to be interviewed live on the BBC, whilst trying to remember the key messages was a “tad” daunting…!

But I cracked it ….!! (I’ve just listened to the broadcast and I didn’t sound too bad..!)

So please have a listen, there probably are a few faux pas but lets just put this down to nerves and a bad memory shall we ….!

Listen here (but please be gentle) I’m 1.08 in to the recording

A big thank you to Jeremy for his support in arranging the interview, and good luck with the Maasai Warriors on Monday…!!

@BBCCin Pudsey loved the @charityoars

Yesterday the Charity Oars had the pleasure of popping in to the BBC Cambridgeshire studios to talk about World Thrombosis Day and the work of Lifeblood and the ISTH. Whilst waiting to head into the studios a rather jolly looking yellow bear kept his beady eye on the Charity Oars that had travelled to the studios. After a brief chat (he sounded a lot like Terry Wogan it has to be said) the bear, who goes by the name of “Pudsey” wanted to be photographed with the Charity Oar.

Never to be one that doesn’t do everything possible to make things happen (even for a yellow bear) we duly obliged. Afterwards Pudsey said; “I’d heard a lot about the Charity Oars through the BBC and my friend Terry, it’s great to have had the opportunity to meet the Charity Oars, and to have the opportunity to talk about the work I do for Children in Need, which is taking place this year on the 14th November.”

So, we headed into the studios and said our farewells to Pudsey, and we wish him and all the fundraisers every success with their 2014 campaign

Pudsey Bear 01

We’re off to @BBCCambs @jeremysallis @realaled

So the Charity Oars are heading to the BBC today to talk about World Thrombosis Day, Legs out 4 Lifeblood, the Charity Oars campaign and much more (well until they turn the microphone off I’m guessing..!!)

Our good friend Jeremy Sallis (@jeremysallis) has invited us in to talk about World Thrombosis Day. Now I know you’ll all be tuning in to hear our words of wisdom about how to spot the signs of a potential DVT, the amazing work of Lifeblood (the thrombosis charity) and how Charity Oars are helping to raise awareness of DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms, so I thank you in advance.

Now, as it’s a radio show I was wondering if I was asked “which tune would you like to hear next?” I thought I’d be clever and suggest something with a “thrombosis” bias, so I just typed in “Blood Clot” on Itunes and to my amazement there’s a band called “Blood Clot”. Now, having listened to their musical endeavours, I fear that their musical talents are probably not best suited for the BBC, so to play it safe I shall go for something by Aled Jones (maybe, some kind of wonderful) instead..!

So before I go off to rest the vocal chords and try to remember the warm up exercises from my thespian days, I would like to thank Jeremy for the opportunity to reach a much wider audience, you never know just who we might be able to help or support just by raising awareness and talking about thrombosis.

Jeremy Sallis BBC

Good old Boris ….!!

I think by now you’re aware that I rate Boris Johnson pretty highly as a chap and (even as) a politician. He’s so far signed the Charity Oars, then he wrote to us with words of encouragement, and today, he’s signed and returned 2 cards that show his support for the Charity Oars campaign.

So, once again a cheery thank you to @mayoroflondon for his time and support….!

Boris Johnson October 2014

East Coast Trains come to the rescue

As you may recall the Charity Oars had been invited to Edinburgh to meet Billy Connolly who was going to sign the Charity Oars. You’d think the tricky part was arranging to meet the man himself, but no, he was more than pleased to meet up. The tricky bit was to get up there…!!

Now as you know the Charity Oars are financed by yours truly, and alas the finances are somewhat “minimal”, so when we heard that Billy Connolly wanted to meet and to sign the Charity Oars we started looking at the travel arrangements.

“YIKES….!” was the first statement that was expressed. Now to fly with the likes of Easy Jet may have been one option, but let me tell you, taking the Charity Oars onto a tube is bad enough, not too sure about onto a plane, and knowing my luck, I would have ended up in Edinburgh and the Charity Oars in Malaga…!! So I dropped East Coast Trains a message, hoping that I might be able to sneak onto one of their trains, again, sneaking onto a train with 2 large wooden oars isn’t really possible.

I had a response from East Coast Trains that very kindly pointed out that they supported a dedicated charity and that all their charitable activities were directed towards them. It is wonderful that such a large organisation like East Coast Trains have a CSR programme in place and that they take their charitable responsibilities seriously, and I respect that. So I thought I’d drop them a short reply to thank them for their time and for their attention towards their chosen charity. I may have also mentioned how important it was to get to Edinburgh and why the Charity Oars campaign was so important to me and others.

Then I receive a reply from John Gelson (Senior Media Manager), we chat about Charity Oars, Lifeblood and World Thrombosis Day and we chatted about Billy Connolly and the reasons for the Charity Oars heading to bonnie Scotland. Well that was a couple of weeks ago, and today the following was received ….

So we’re off to Edinburgh to meet Billy and to have the Charity Oars signed. Put very simply, this wouldn’t have happened without the very generous support from East Coast Trains, so please, if you get the chance, take 5 minutes to tweet East Coast Trains to say thank you for their support. @eastcoastuk East Coast Trains 

East Coast Trains