Charity Oars Mad Cycle Challenge ..!

So the training has started in earnest. I must admit the team at Halfords in Huntingdon have been superb in helping and offering advice. Apart from one one area …… Oh my gawd do you need a comfy saddle….! Having cycled circa 60 miles in 2 days as part of the build up, I fear that the remaining 940 miles that will still be there for me to complete will be the most painful experience in my life, and I survived a massive pulmonary embolism, and being run over by a Ford Focus and Mercedes….!!!!

So as I turn 48 tomorrow (14th January) I have no regrets in accepting the challenge from Fern Britton, of course, if it is all “downhill” (as she said) it will be fine, now that I have a saddle I can sit on …..!!!

I know money is tight for everyone, but if you can support me by donating it would be wonderful. If not, please tell as many people as you can about the challenge I’m undertaking.

Please visit my Just Giving page by clicking here or please text OARS78 £(the amount you’d like to donate) to 70070

As you know I’m undertaking this challenge for an amazing charity. The Genesis research Trust, who are researching the reasons why couples have miscarriages.

As an aside, I’m keen to raise awareness of #Thrombosis and how life does and can go on after surviving a massive Pulmonary Embolism.

So, in May this year I will be cycling this bike over 1000 miles….!

Thank you so much for your support.

!IMG_3198 (2)

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