5 Grand Slams & now the Charity Oars in sight..! @jordannejoyce92

On the 23rd March 2011 I injured my knee playing tennis, the injury culminated in the events of the 12th April 2011. I loved playing sport, the competitiveness, the focus, the drive to be better. These feelings from a rather dodgy old cricketer and someone who returned to playing competitive tennis after a 20(ish) year break. I loved it though. Sadly my sporting endeavours now are limited and have to pass the “Lovely Ellisa” test. To me It’s “New Opportunity Could Help And Not Cause Embolism” However, when I suggested a return to the courts the lovely Elissa pointed out it actually says “NO CHANCE” She’s good…!

Well, we’ve recently been tweeting with Jordanne Whiley, and as I look at the amazing things she has accomplished so far in her sporting career, it gives me the drive and determination to make the Charity Oars really up there game. It’s hard to say where motivation comes from or what it is that can motivate an individual, but to see and listen to the journey Jordanne has taken is a testament to her, her family, her friends, the LTA and her supporters. With 5, yes “FIVE” Grand Slams to her name (so far), no doubt with more to come in the future (no pressure Jordanne..! lol) it inspires me to keep pushing and to keep the drive of the Charity Oars going.

So, 5 Grand Slams, the heights people have to reach to be asked to sign the Charity Oars …!

The Charity Oars are about raising awareness of Thrombosis (DVT’s Pulmonary Embolism) and with the very kind support of Jordanne and her team, we will continue raising awareness. So a huge Charity oars thank you to Jordanne Whiley. We look forward to meeting up at some point and having you sign the Charity Oars and you can add another triumphant success to your (already) rather amazing list of titles…!

To find out more about Jordanne have a look at her web-site here, or have a look at these amazing recordings BBC Sport and Jordanne Whiley

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