@AdrianDewey your mission if you decide to accept it …!

With the signature tune of Mission Impossible playing away in the background ……!!

We headed up the A1 to Peterborough, for a secretive rendezvous with the rather talented, jovial and absolute decent chap that is Adrian Dewey… yes, the Charity Oars (and Charity Cricket Bats) were about to be “snapped” and made to look even more glamorous. The trickiest part of the adventure was taking the hood of the car down to get the Charity Oars into the car. It’s fair to say there were a few looks of intrigue as the hood slowly folded away, even the rather hardy (out in all weathers) postman stopped and questioned my actions. Suffice to say, once the Charity Oars were safely within the car, the hood and heater went on..!!

As we headed into the studio at Studio 12 (@Studio12Orton) we passed some amazing images of models, families, architecture, weddings, and now it was time for “four pieces of wood”..!! One promising sign was the fact that no make up was needed, the Charity Oars and Charity Bats have a “natural beauty” that shines through.

Lights shone, camera’s clicked, lights were moved, flashes going off, Charity Oars put in different positions, the whole experience was amazing to be part of.

So can 2 wooden oars and 2 cricket bats be photographed to look more than just functional pieces of wood? Well, if you have someone like Adrian behind the lens, then yes you can.  To see the names of Clare Balding, Fern Britton, Steve Coogan, Stephen Merchant, Simon Jones, Boris Johnson, Martin Bayfield, Helen Glover and all the others, shining out from the Charity Oars and Charity Cricket bats is a wonderful result. The Oars and bats look alive, we have a couple of photos through already, tell us what you think….!

So a huge thank you to Adrian and Studio12 for giving us the opportunity to see the Charity Oars and Charity Bats come alive ….!!



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