Thanks @NorthantsCCC

So there we were, sat in the “old village sweet shop”, the Charity Oars looking resplendent in their signatures, and the Charity Cricket Bats looking equally happy, if not a tad short of signatures. With the start of the cricket season shortly about to start so we dropped our good friends at Northampton County Cricket Club a quick cheeky email to see if they could help us with our campaign.

We waited, and waited ….. Then 30 minutes later we received an email from Catherine Woolley the Marketing Manager at NCCC “we’d love to help your campaign, why not come to our press day?” Well I sat there for a few minutes, pondered the very kind offer, made a coffee and returned to the email, in a calm sort of way I replied “that would be wonderful, thank you so much”. At least that’s what I hoped I emailed back, to be honest it was probably more akin to “yes, oh yes, oh yes, thank you, thank you oh thank you…!!”

So off we headed to the County Ground, one Charity Oar, 2 Charity Cricket Bats and a bag full of memories of the ground, the indoor nets and some great days.

We’d been chatting to a few of the squad Alex Wakely (@alexwakely1), Richard Levi (RichardLevi88), Kyle Coetzer (MeerGoose11), Muhammad Azhar (Azhar_ullah), Rory Kleinveldt (@RoryK_9) and David Willey (@david_willey), for a while, so when we arrived the site of a handmade wooden oar at a press day wasn’t a huge shock.

We had a fantastic morning, chatting with Catherine, Richard, Alex, Muhammad, Kyle and the rest of the squad. It was amusing as they worked their way up from signing shirts, bats and, and, “is this an oar?” As professional sportsmen, the awareness and understanding of Thrombosis (DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolisms) is openly discussed by players, support staff and management, and this is wonderful to see and to hear about.

What makes a club like Northamptonshire CCC work and also mean so much to the local and cricketing communities are factors like their genuine awareness and consideration for giving back to the community and to supporting campaigns like Charity Oars. The response during the morning from the players, management and sponsors was commendable and by such gestures we are able to raise the awareness of the signs and symptoms of Thrombosis to a much wider audience.

So from a dodgy old cricketer, who every year gets better averages, and more runs (than he actually ever did) I thank you for your kind and continuing support.

thumb_IMG_3357_1024Rory Kleinveldt 02Richard Levi 02Kyle Coetzer

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