Thank you @SteelbacksCheer @legsout4LB @northantsccc

So there we were, meeting and chatting to the Northampton CCC squad, getting the Charity Oars and Charity Bats signed, all to help our fundraising campaign. Then all of a sudden the rather dashing Steelback Cheerleaders rather elegantly strolled past.

Now at first glances I was a tad confused because there was one cheerleader that stood out, and what an amazing ambassador to the club, cricket and professionalism this cheerleader was…..! Would it be too much to ask this amazing dancing, cheery bundle of excitement for Northampton CCC to sign the Charity Oars?


We couldn’t stop ourselves….!

Shortly afterwards the jolly chapesses (aka SteelBack Cheer) walked past. As a Charity Thrombosis UK, have another fundraising campaign running, it’s a fun campaign called “Legs Out 4 Lifeblood”, now I have personally had my legs out in support for the campaign and a mighty fine leg I still have…! lol….!!

So we chatted to the SteelBack Cheerleaders and we explained about our other campaign and within minutes they came up with this wonderful photo in support of Legs Out 4 Lifeblood. The response was so wonderful, the amazing dancers that form the SteelBack Cheerleaders were so kind to take time to help our campaign. So we’d like to say “thank you” for your kind support and for the fun and cheery support she offered the campaign.

Text CLOT70 £1 to 70070 to donate

IMG_3175 Cheerleaders legs out4LB

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