The charming @JadeJones11 @Callumhall_ say hello to the @charityoars

While we were at Stoke Mandeville there were a couple of other athletes we were keen to meet. Jade Jones and Callum Hall, 2 young, inspirational and talented athletes. We’d been tweeting each other for a while, and on this day by chance they were in the same place at the same time, seemed rude not to wave an 8 foot wooden oar in front of them..!

Jade Jones is an English wheelchair racer, competing in T54 events. Jade is the British record holder over 400/5000m and she competed at the London 2012 paralympics. Commonwealth Games Bronze medalist.

As for Callum Hall, well he’s a young man from Leeds, he was left paralysed after a horrible incident and is now training for the Rio Paralympics 2016. He’s also a top chap. On the 26th September 2012 Callum became paralysed through an infection (epidural Abcess) on his spine caused by standing on a sea urchin.

Both Jade and Callum are coached by Ian thompson and Tanni Grey-Thompson, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tanni last year, and the competitiveness, passion for athletics and enthusiasm that has helped Tanni become such a sporting legend is clear to see in both Jade and Callum.

We had the pleasure of chatting to both Jade and Callum, and their drive and competitive spirit is infectiuos and really great to see. So many people are affected by adversity and yes maybe our life plans can take sharp detours, but the attitude, focus, drive and determination of both Jade and Callum showed such tenacity that it’s hard not to admire.

Of course, we were proud to have met 2 amazing Paralympians and to have their kind support for our campaign means a great deal to everyone connected with raising awareness of thrombosis.

So Jade and Callum, many thanks for your time. It was wonderful meeting you both, and here’s to Gold in Rio 2016.


Paul and the Charity Oars

Callum Hall May 2015

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