When @HCDream2012 met the @charityoars

Hannah Cockroft MBE May 2015

Well it was a rainy (in fact very rainy) Sunday morning as the Charity Oars travelled to Stoke Mandeville to meet a sporting legend (in the making, and doing very well at it). We were off to meet Hannah Cockroft MBE, an amazing sportswoman who is the World, Paralympic and European Champion specialising in sprint distances in the T34 classification.

Not only does Hannah hold the Paralympic and World Records for both the 100 metres T34 and 200 metres T34, but whilst competing for Great Britain in the 2012 Summer Paralympics won 2 Gold Medals.

So the lovely Ellisa and I casually strolled into the athletic arena, trying to look as casual as possible whilst carrying an 8 foot oar (not an easy thing to do it has to be said). Now I’m not a superstitious person, but the moment the Charity Oars arrived, the sunshine appeared and the rain stopped..!

As we sat and watched the athletes compete, it’s fair to say that the athlete’s professionalism and sporting talents were on show, and that their talents were a spectacle to see and enjoy.

Then up came Hannah, with her team from 17 Management (Ian and Boo). It’s always tricky to try and judge how cheeky we can be. I mean, Hannah is a World renowned athlete and from Yorkshire and they’re a feisty lot from the County of the white rose…! Well, we had nothing to worry about at all, she was blooming lovely as were Ian and Boo..! We chatted for a while and then we had some photographs taken. The sky started to look less cheery so we headed inside. What was wonderful to see was the excitement and joy other visitors to the meeting had when they chatted with or had selfies with Hannah. Seeing Hannah spend time with 2 young children in wheelchairs, it was magical to see how much their faces lit up, maybe, rather hopefully Hannah inspired 2 more athletes.

Hannah, through her public position supports a range of charities Whizz KidzForget Me Not Childrens HospiceSpider-y and the Jane Tomlinson appeal. To have Hannah spend time and to offer her support for the Charity Oars campaign and for Thrombosis UK, means a great deal.

Please give Hannah a follow if you’re on Twitter or follow her on Facebook because she is inspirational and it was a pleasure to have the time to talk with her and to find out more of her ambitions and future goals.

Thank you Hannah…!


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