Many thanks to Ben Morgan @Ben_J_Morgan8

Yesterday at Northants CCC we had the pleasure (and it was a pleasure) to meet and have a chat with Ben. For the first time in ages, I was the small chap…! Knowing what I do about Thrombosis and Ben’s recent injury/treatment it was wonderful to hear of the care and attention to the seriousness of Thrombosis that the #RFU and the amazing team at Gloucester RFC have taken to the care and awareness of Thrombosis amongst the sporting family.

To meet such a sporting ambassador and to hear his story was a breath of fresh air. his understanding of the seriousness of Thrombosis was the thing that more people should hear.

So will Ben Morgan make the England squad for the RFU World Cup? With his drive, determination, professionalism (and his support of the Charity Oars) he should walk out against Fiji on the 18th September.

Ben, a personal thank you for your time, for signing the Charity Oars and for your support. it means a great deal to our campaign to raise awareness.

Ben Morgan 01

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