@iandstone a funny chap with a penchant for signing strange things ..!

So there we were, heading to the St Ivo centre to be entertained by the visiting jesters, myself, 2 charming female chapesses and a Charity Oar. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Surely many people go to comedy nights with glamorous women, I just added a twist to the evening by taking an 8 foot oar with me #asyoudo

We’d been in contact with the compere a local Ginger Irish chap who goes by the name of Ryan McDonnell @ryanemcdonnell so up we strolled, smiled politely at the lady with the tickets “act normal Westers…!” I thought to myself, if you can get two 8 foot oars into Westminster, surely one Charity Oar into a comedy club would be a piece of cake.

Naturally, being the shy reserved sort of chap I am I took it upon myself to sit at the back, just out of view of the stage, and hopefully the compere and forthcoming servants of the art of comedy.

OK, in hindsight maybe I should have told the lovely E and charming S what I had done. Of course they are both sadly only too aware of my penchant for organising different social scenarios, so taking one of the Charity Oars out that evening, rather bizarrely wasn’t too out of the norm.

It soon became apparent that the good people of St Ives found the fact that there was a chap at the back of the hall with a blooming big oar rather amusing, I took it all in good humour (no pun intended, but Ryan was a rather good host). It was amusing to see (and hear) 200 people turn round in their plastic seats on a wooden floor to observe this mad chap with an Oar. The good thing is, most of them looked very confused anyway before they turned round…!

So on came Ian Stone, now humour (quality humour) is tough, I was genuinely laughing out loud at the set he performed, it was one of the cleverest and most intelligent sets I’d heard for a long time. So thank you Ian. Making a miserable git like me laugh takes a lot of talent and intelligence.

So before the compere came back on I made my exit to catch up with Ian. Of course he too was wondering about the whole Charity Oars story, quite tricky to make a massive pulmonary embolism humorous, but I think I faired OK. Of course I’ve always felt I was a natural comedian so I’m pretty sure he laughed all the way to his next gig…!

If you get a chance to see Ian at work, it’s well worth the entrance fee, or you can catch him on various television and radio shows. I believe he’s the straight guy to Ian Wright comedy showcase….! #thismayormaynotbetrue

So thank you for your time Ian, and for making the day a lot less grey than usual …!

For more information about Ian Stone and where you can see him, please visit his website here

Ian StoneIan Stone

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