@Gilo @LancsCCC #Ashes2005 Cricket Legend thanks for your help @NorthantsCCC

Cricket, cricket, cricket…. Where would I be without the game? Well I might still have 2 working knees, ankles, shoulder and a few less scars and funny shaped bones …. Pure semantics …..

In the time we’ve been working on the Charity Oars campaign on behalf of Thrombosis UK I’ve been able to chat with some amazing sportsmen and women, and it has truly been a pleasure.

I’ve been a supporter of Gilo for far too many seasons. His time at Warwickshire CCC was always good fun to watch, as for his England form, all we really need to say is Ashes 2005…! In 2005, he was named as one of five cricketers of the year by Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, he hit the winning runs in the fourth Test at Trent Bridge to give England a 2–1 lead. He contributed a Test-best 59 runs and a century partnership with @KP24 to ensure the draw in the final Test at The Oval and a 2–1 series victory.

Our good friends at Northampton CCC have been fantastically supportive this year, and kindly invited us to the Lancashire 20/20 game. We’d dropped Gilo a message and asked for a few minutes of his time during the game. As Lancashire came out to bat over popped the Ashes winning slow left arm bowler, with a cheery smile upon his face (probably hoping that this was in fact a Charity Oar and I wasn’t a nutter who didn’t know the difference between a cricket bat and oar).

A true gent as always was Gilo, am sure that he still owes me a beer from a game at Edgbaston, but I let that pass. It was wonderful to have a few minutes with Gilo and to talk about the Charity Oars campaign and what it was all about.

So thank you from a very dodgy, a tad broken aged wannabe cricket legend to someone who has accomplished so much in the game, and is now imparting his expertise for the future of the game.



Ashley Giles Ashley Giles


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