Some @HarryPotterFilm magic with @James_Phelps (thanks to @deanheadley585 )

One of the first sporting chums of mine, Dean Headley started the Charity Oars moving forward. Seems a long time ago now. Each year Dean supports a weekends cricket supporting the Matt Hampson foundation, and we’re very proud to support the event by attending the days cricket. We very diplomatically keep a low profile (never easy seeing that we’re 2 eight foot wooden oars…!!) but the event is all about raising awareness and support for Matt’s great foundation.

This year Dean kindly asked us along and we were more than pleased to accept the invitation. This year we had the opportunity of meeting one of the stars of the Harry Potter films. Yes, the tall, entrepreneurial ginger wizard Fred Weasley was in attendance.

What a great chap he is. it’s fair to say he’s better with a broomstick and wand than maybe a cricket bat, but he had so much time for those that were there to say hello to him. It is always wonderful to see the kindness in people as muggle after muggle have selfies with him…! He never stopped smiling all afternoon, even after a horrific cross bat slash at a straight ball…!

It was wonderful to have time to chat with James and to talk about the Charity Oars campaign, and very much appreciated to have his support. It truly means a great deal to so many people, so thank you.

Here’s to SportsBash 2016, wonder who we can chat to then?

James Phelps James Phelps


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