The Name is Gordon, Gordon Greenidge need we say more ….. a @westindies legend

There was a recent quote made by David Gower and it was something along these lines; “We had a glimmer of hope at Lords in 1984, unfortunately Gordon Greenidge had other ideas…!”

As a huge fan of the West Indies cricket squad, there are several legends that it’s always amazing to meet. Brian Lara, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Viv Richards and for me also, Gordon Greendige.

So there was Gordon, how would he take this crazy English chap saying “Hello, can we have you sign the Charity Oars?” I remember the look of puzzlement on Kumar Sangakkara’s face when I had him hold the Charity Oar for a photo, and now I was about to ask yet another cricketing legend to do the same.

What an amazingly cool chap Gordon Greenidge is. Oar signed, picture quickly taken, then bats signed ….! Then we chatted and chatted. Subjects coved; Thrombosis (of course) cricket, Michael Holding, Brin Lara, the Caribbean, cricket and charities. The only time we stopped chatting was when we were photographed by the Stamford Press, my new chum Gordon seemed a tad annoyed, but it soon passed and we continued our chat.

It was an absolute pleasure to have time with such a legend of the game, his passion and enthusiasm for the game, for West Indies Cricket, for his old team mates and for our campaign was inspiring.

Now I’m no international cricketer, but when Gordon Greenidge was bowled out by the team from Help for Heroes Cricket, it was a full pitched ball, it bounced twice (taking a lot of speed off the delivery) and then clipped the off stump. Maybe in 1984 at Lords the bowling attack should have thought about that as a delivery?

Thank you Gordon for your time, a great pleasure to meet and chat with you. Thanks for your support.


Gordon Grenidge 1 Gordon Grenidge 2


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