@AlexandraBestx what a wonderful person ..! Thanks @LexiPrLtd

So we arrived at a rather nice hotel in Wimbledon, took a gentle stroll towards the orangearium trying to look inconspicuous whilst carrying an 8 foot wooden oar. Having made it safely past various pieces of art on the walls and having safely avoided a rather expensive piece of furniture with rather old looking plates in, we walked into the room.

“Act casual Paul” I thought…..” “Try and blend in ….” you know, the usual things one thinks as one gets the whiff of luxury and elegance and when one is carrying a wooden oar….!

“You must be Paul” came the words from behind a very comfy looking couch. Then up popped the head of Alex Best, with a warm smile.

So I casually made my way round, after nearly performing a modern interpretation of Eric Sykes “the plank” only now with an Charity Oar (boy can the staff at the Canizaro hotel duck quickly) I safely made it to the couch…!

So I ran through the Charity Oars campaign and chatted about the work of Thrombosis UK I like to believe I sounded very sophisticated and suave, nothing like sitting chatting with a rather glamorous lady, and trying to make it look as if you belong there…!! lol…..!!

As we chatted, it turns out that during his career the rather legendary Irish chap who played football for Manchester United, a chap by the name of George Best, had suffered a DVT during his playing career.

George Best aside, it was Alex we were there to meet and to spend time with. Now, Alex had been in and won I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. In all honesty I only knew this because I was told by a friend of mine. Sorry Alex, I’m not a huge follower of reality programmes, but I was hugely impressed and in awe of someone like Alex who donated the prize for winning the programme to charity. A hearty salute of pride goes out to Alex.

So we chatted away and time flew by. We were also joined by an amazing business woman from LA Skincare who Alex is now the rather natural brand ambassador and face of. I must admit, I learned quite a lot about skin care, moisturising and exfoliation, I now have the smooth complexion of a gorgeous chap….!

I would just like to thank Alex for her time and support for our campaign it really means a great deal to us. It was also jolly nice to just chat away with such a warm and wonderful person.

Alex Best Alex Best


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