@Martin_Corry at a cricket match signing an oar ….! Yep, that combination happened …!

Lets see now …. Martin Corry MBE, a Leicester Tiger, England Captain, Lions, Part of the squad that won the Rugby World Cup in 2003. As pedigree’s go, that’s not too shabby is it?

So when a chap approached this giant of rugby (and quite literally a giant, and I’m not short myself..!) and sat down and started chatting about Thrombosis I’m sure he thought “how bizarre….! then again I’ve seen stranger things at Twickenham” (this statement may or may not be true).

What a top chap he is. We chatted about the 2003 World Cup, team mates, the fitness and size of present players and awareness within sport of DVT’s and Thrombosis. It appears that the sport of Rugby are very well versed with the awareness and treatment of blood clots amongst their players.

With players now travelling the globe for international games, and in light of the nature of the game, such awareness and care of players, support staff, officials is imperative.

I just wanted to put these few words down to say thank you to Martin for his time and for supporting our campaign. The Charity Oars are all about raising awareness of Thrombosis UK and the amazing work that the charity undertakes. Your support is extremely welcomed.

Martin Corry Martin Corry


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