Just Jordy @jordannejoyce92 @riversidebeds

Seven time Grand Slam Champion, Paralympic Bronze Medal, World Number ONE doubles and an all round good chapess….!

Wimbledon Champion (doubles), US Open Champion (singles), Japan Open (doubles), Australian Open (doubles) French Open (doubles) and US Open (doubles) and now MBE ….!!

We’d been chatting with Jordanne and her management team 17Management for a little while, and were extremely keen to meet with her and to have her support for our campaign. What eventually came together was something far beyond our expectations.

So there we were at Bedfords’ leading tennis club Riverside Tennis Club, a leader in disability tennis in the County. Banners and Balloons ready, members of the club, coaches and fellow wheelchair tennis players eagerly waited. In fact, Jordanne was in the cafe with Ellisa and I, I even took a cup of tea to Bedford Mayor Dave Hodgson…!

Out we then went, and what a fantastic reception for Jordanne. The club had put together a range of Disability tennis showcases, from wheelchair tennis, visually impaired tennis and Learning difficulty tennis. It truly was inspiring.

Now, lets just say we saw Bedford Mayor take part in the warm up routine, then Jordanne took part. Suffice to say, Bedford Mayor Dave Hodgson would not make the speediest doubles partner, but fair play, he gave it a go …!

The day was all about raising awareness of disability tennis and of course Thrombosis UK, the day was very well attended by a wonderful mixture of players, supporters, coaches and old cricketers (that’s me)…!

After Jordanne took on and beat club inclusion coach Richard she took time to answer questions from the visitors.

At the end of the day, Jordanne took time to have photo’s with the players and coaches. What a super star she had been.

We then popped down to a favourite cafe of ours Kiosk at the Park to have some glorious cake, a great coffee and a chat. It’s an interesting existence that Jordanne has, her passion for tennis, competition, her doubles partner Yui Kamiji and her desire to succeed even further in her game. We talked about how through the help of 17 Management she is able to continue her career, but the need and desire for further support and sponsorship is vital. Organisations like Fish InsuranceKT Tape and Adidas to name a few get so much in return, it’s was just wonderful to be able to support raise the awareness of such an amazing talent that is Jordanne in fact it was a pleasure.

Please have a look at Jordanne’s website and show your support, she is one amazing individual who we should all be proud off…!

Jordanne Whiley 3 Jordanne Whiley 1 Jordanne Whiley 2 Jordanne and Bedford Mayor Bedford Mayor Jordanne Whiley


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