A hearty “Thank you” to Matt Lucas @RealMattLucas

The wonderful (at times) thing about Twitter is the way in which people in high profile situations, can and often are accessible, even to two wooden oars….!

The @charityoars had been in contact with Matt for a short while, just the right amount of time to keep things professional and not look like a stalker…! Matt’s schedule was (and rightly so) hectic. America, UK, filming … The chap probably at times had trouble working out which continent he was on.

If you look at the projects Matt has been involved in since 2015, it’s hardly surprising it was proving tricky to arrange for the Charity Oars to meet Matt; Pompidou, The Labyrinth, Alice through the looking glass, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Doctor Who, to name a few projects.

Well, we finally found a tiny break in Matt’s schedule, and with the very kind and professional help from his assistant (Emily) we travelled down to have the Charity Oars meet Matt.

To have the support of such a respected actor is a wonderful thing. When we started the Charity Oars (2014) we never knew just how amazing the support would be. The more people we meet, talk to, quite literally can save a life.

Awareness of the signs of a DVT is crucial:

  • Unexplained pain can be the only symptom
  • Swelling, including the ankle and foot
  • Redness or noticeable discoloration
  • Warmth

So, from little old me and the Charity Oars, a huge thank you to Matt for taking the time to sign the Charity Oars and for helping Thrombosis UK to continue their vital work.





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