Let the Charity Oars parlez with Paul @PaulYoungParlez

In the 1980’s a good friend of mine (Dan Morgan) styled himself on Paul Young, I mean, the hair and everything….! I still firmly believe Paul had the far better vocal skills….!

Since 2014 the Charity Oars have travelled and met some amazing sportsmen, women, Paralympians, actors, actresses and Boris Johnson. Then after a rather humorous walk down memory lane with some old friends from Devon, talk when onto music from the 1980’s, and just how “good” was it..? Well during the chat, Paul Young’s name popped up so a quick “Google” and voila. Turned out that Paul was in the process of releasing a new album “Good Thing


So we got in contact with Paul, and not only was his album launch taking place, but he was also part of “Los Pacaminos@lospacaminoscom and they were shortly performing in Luton. So a plan was put together. Seemed rude not to take in some Charity Oars work and maybe catch a few tunes…!


As we strolled through the centre of Luton carrying an oar, I believe we were well noticed. Sad that Luton has so few oar carriers these days…! Then walking with an air of confidence we made our way backstage, we did feel a bit as if we were then in “groupie” mode, but we carried it off with aplomb.

Was really great to meet Paul and the “Los Pacaminos”, we chatted a way about the signs of Thrombosis, had a Casamigos Tequila (good old George Clooney), felt a tad showbiz, all in all a great evening.

To have the support of such a musical icon is a wonderful thing. When we started the Charity Oars (2014) we never knew just how amazing the support would be. The more people we meet, talk to, quite literally can save a life.

Awareness of the signs of a Pulmonary Embolism is crucial:

  • Unexplained shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
  • Chest pain (might be worse upon deep breath)
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Light headiness or passing out

So, from me, my good friend Dan and the Charity Oars, a huge thank you to Paul for taking the time to sign the Charity Oars and for helping Thrombosis UK to continue their vital work.




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