#Charity A proud afternoon supporting ‪@ThrombosisUK‪ at @BerkoFC

Thrombosis UK had been approached by the family of Tomo, a 38 year old chap who had sadly passed due to a Pulmonary Embolism in 2015. A charity football match at Berkhamsted FC had been organised and the day was all about celebrating the lives of two popular members of the community. Tomo and Matt (Matt sadly passing away through cancer earlier this year).

So the “Tomo v Matt celebration football game” kicked off. With the crowd cheering on, goals being scored and the atmosphere building, the days excitement and fun was superb.

During the game I’d had the opportunity and pleasure to meet and chat with Tomo’s mother (Pat) and his brother (Lee). There’s a fine balance of emotions when you meet the families of those who sadly didn’t survive from Thrombosis. The families always have so many questions to ask, sadly too often the questions remain the same; “Why did this happen?” “Why didn’t the doctors/hospital diagnose the blood clot?” “What could we have done?” “Did they suffer?”

I had survived a massive pulmonary embolism in 2011, if it wasn’t for good fortune, luck, whatever you want to call it, it’s fair to say I wouldn’t have been stood there that day talking with Pat and Lee. Words at times can carry little comfort or empathy, but as I chatted with the family, learned more about Tomo, his passion for life, his personality and his love for his family, the work of Thrombosis UK in raising awareness of Thrombosis, aiding research within the health services and the support and care for survivors and families of those who have lost a loved one became even more important.

The final whistle went …… Tomo’s Team (4) v Matt’s Team (3) a wonderful exhibition of football, sportsmanship and friendship. The support was amazing.

After the raffle (didn’t win a thing, not even any Imperial Leather talc…!!) It was time for a few words;

With friends and family of Tomo and Matt all around, It never feels easy to be stood there knowing that those listening have lost their friend, brother, son and uncle. However today the atmosphere in the room was so warm, the memory of the two friends that all those held so dear made the time in front of them an amazingly positive experience.

Talking about the general publics’ awareness (or lack of awareness) of a DVT, the signs to look out for, or the questions to ask your GP or hospital is a key message to get across and one that Thrombosis UK are working hard to promote.

So after the applause had stopped …..

The response from everyone present in relation to the vital work of Thrombosis UK and to the understanding of just how passionate we are about raising awareness, improving research and enhancing the care of survivors and their families was a tremendous result for the day.

Just before I left I had a chat with Helen (Tomo’s sister in law), it proved to be a poignant chat. Importantly, Helen asked what else could be done to stop things like Tomo’s blood clot happening again. Simply, it’s about #awareness Events like that at Berkhamsted FC allow Thrombosis UK the opportunity to support those people raising awareness. As Helen herself said; “If today’s event helps save the life of one person because they know the signs of a DVT, then Tomo’s passing will not have been for nothing.”

It was a pleasure to have been able to meet Pat, Lee and Helen along with Kiran who had helped organise the event. All of the friends of Tomo and Matt were splendid in their support and with such a supportive community the memory of Tomo and Matt will live on a long time.

Awareness of the signs of a DVT is crucial:

  • Unexplained pain can be the only symptom
  • Swelling, including the ankle and foot
  • Redness or noticeable discoloration
  • Warmth

So from a rather dodgy, broken cricketer and the Charity Oars, a huge thank you to Kiran, Pat, Lee and Helen for helping Thrombosis UK to continue their vital work.




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